Battle of the sexes: Women Drivers!

Uuuh... didn't I forget to close the garage door again?

Ahhh, women drivers...

...feared by all male road users and most passengers - be they male, female, animal, mineral, vegetable, adolescent, mature, bipedal, quadriplegic, living, deceased, or anything inbetween!

Typical male passenger of a female driver

These fears manifest themselves at a very young age already.

Boy run over by girl

But why do women drivers have such a bad reputation?

Easy Method Driving School

Is it that road vehicles or automobiles (more commonly known as cars) are complex electromechanical devices that require some measure of ambidexterity and skill to operate?

Is it because there are certain rules to obey on the road?

Danger elimination

Is it that cars are meant to remain on the surface of roads...

Beetle on train tracks

...that they were specifically designed and built for...

Blonde woman stuck in mud

- preferably with all four wheels (simultaneously)...

Hello, honey? I had a teensy accident with the car...

...and regardless of weather conditions...

Proud women and their achievements

...or your outfit?

Do you think the sergeant will notice a few scratches?

Could it be that women completely misjudge and overestimate the capabilities of their vehicles?

Oh... I thought all cars were amphibious!

In fact, women seem to be blissfully unaware of the fact that even cars and roads themselves have to succumb to a completely different set of rules: the very basic laws of nature.

Bosco should get a good laugh out of this...

Gravity is one such law.

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